February Window display for Fairtrade fortnight in Yates window, not the best photo, but many thanks to Yates, a Fairtrade thank you to follow (coffee, tea and cookies).



Another successful Fairtrade and Local Craft Fair. Three Fairtrade stalls, eight local crafts people and our local anti-fracking group with crafts and cakes. Thanks to Joanne Pollard from All’s Fair for the Fairtrade snacks.

We also had stalls selling Fairtrade food and crafts at St Michael’s and St Leonard’s churches.

West Heslerton and Amotherby Primary schools had stalls selling Fairtrade food and crafts to pupils and parents.

IMG_0538 (1)

Our cabinet in Malton library, Fairtrade crafts for sale



We go for our annual walk to the Youth Hostel at Boggle Hole, Fairtrade drinks and yummy cakes. Some of our FT friends from Scarborough join us. See you next year?


November  Another very successful Fairtrade ‘pop up’ shop. We sell over £2000 of Fairtrade food and crafts, including some from Black Yak, knitted and woven goods from Nepal. Food, all the food, other crafts and Christmas items from Fairer World in York

On the left the Black Yak stall, on the right a member of our group checking the food items.